About Us DSM

Kansas City:

Stephanie Schupp founded the Schupp Collective which we are so excited about! We are their first expansion into a new city. Read about the Schupp's here!

Des Moines

We opened the Des Moines warehouse in May of 2021 and we are excited to offer Des Moines this exciting and fun way to shop. Whether it be someone just shopping for their home, designers working with clients on new builds or interior design projects, someones first apartment, etc! We are a great option with ever-changing inventory which makes it all the more fun!

Kathryn and Vincent Driscoll are the owners of Schupp Co, DSM. They are also in the middle of a home renovation (hello Beaverdale brick) that they will have for sale soon- this is a great resource to find products at great prices for anyone! Light fixtures, cabinet pulls, furniture, wallpaper- you name it we probably have it!

 If you are looking for something in particular just shoot us a message! Our inventory is much greater than the products on our website. If we had everything online it would be 25+ pages!